mySibi Mission

Our sole purpose is to make sourcing ingredients as easy as possible! 

The food ingredient industry is one of the last industries that does not have a digital solution designed for us and we have designed the first platform that brings together suppliers, buyers, and service providers.

mySibi Services

We facilitate transactions between suppliers and buyers without taking possession of any inventory

Our platform gives raw ingredient suppliers the ability to convert orders through an e-commerce platform

We create options of ingredients for small/mid size food manufacturers all in one place

For Suppliers

We will be your partner in building brand awareness for your ingredients and generate leads and finalize transactions

For our Buyers

Search, compare, and purchase from our catalog of 25,000+ ingredients, if we don’t have your specific ingredient listed, let us know here!

For our Service Providers

New CPG companies need packaging, labeling, co-manufacturers, logistics, warehousing, marketing consultancy and much more. Join our list of providers to make valuable leads come to you