Akochurn NT 73-32


Akochurn NT 73-32 is a commercial-grade churning machine designed for the food industry. It is a high-capacity, two-speed churn with a capacity of up to 73 liters. The churn is powered by a three-phase motor with a power rating of 7 kW, and it has a stainless steel body and a removable bowl for easy cleaning. It is designed to be used with a variety of ingredients, including cream, custard, ice cream, and yogurt. The machine is designed to work quickly and efficiently, and it is capable of producing up to 500 liters of product per hour. Akochurn NT 73-32 is a combination of 100% vegetable fats with no trans fats, great spreading qualities, and a low level of saturated fatty acids. This product is made to lower the fat content of churned butter mixtures and margarine. It is especially useful for mixtures with high butter fat content (40–60%) since it produces a spreadable product that is comparable to butter.

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