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FAQs about Threonine for Food

What is threonine?

It is the last discovered of the 20 essential amino acids. This is capable of converting into blood glucose and liver glycogen from different pathways, making it very important for the performance of the liver system. In addition to avoiding liver toxicity, threonine is involved in the digestive system, bone and joint system, collagen formation and helps in the health of the nervous system.

Are threonine and theanine the same?

Although both are amino acids, theanine is a non-essential amino acid found in tea leaves such as black and green. On the other hand, threonine is an essential amino acid that must be included in the diet of human beings to make the active site of enzymes.

What does threonine do in the body?

In addition to giving skin firmness and elasticity, producing elastin, preventing the onset of arthritis-related diseases and promoting the synthesis of enzymes that help digest food, this amino acid prevents fatty liver disease.

What is l-threonine?

L-threonine or also called levothreonine, is the form in which Threonine is consumed by humans. This is preferably obtained through a fermentation process by microorganisms (such as yeasts).

Why is L-threonine used in food?

As an ingredient, L-threonine is used in the food industry for two reasons:
1. Increase the nutritional level of the food where it is added.
2. Do with the nutrients of food are higher.