Silica Dioxide

Silica powder and more food grade agents to avoid caking

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FAQs about Silica Dioxide for Food

Why is there silica dioxide in food?

Silica or Silicon dioxide is used in the industry in many foods and supplements due to its anti-caking qualities to prevent the formation of lumps, preventing powdered ingredients from sticking together. It is also used as a food additive to provide flavors and aromas.

Where can I use silica dioxide?

Due to its properties, the industry uses this additive (E551) in powdered products such as:
1. Seasonings.
2. Spices.
3. Garlic powder.
4. Onion powder.
5. Icing sugar.
6. Go out.
It is also used in prepared products such as:
1. Flour for frying.
2. Instant tea.
3. Cocoa.
4. Coffee capsules.
5. Envelope soups.
6. Beers.
7. Pastry products.

Is silica dioxide toxic?

Using normal amounts to avoid caking of the products does not present any risk for human consumption. Various studies have found that this additive is not stored in the body and is filtered by the kidneys. So it's not toxic.

What is silica dioxide?

This ingredient is a compound formed by oxygen and silicon that is found in nature in plants, animals, in the form of a mineral and even in human tissues. In the industry, this compound is extracted from plants, peppers, brown rice, alfalfa and oats.

Is silica in food bad for you?

According to the FDA, this additive is suitable for human consumption as long as it is used in adequate amounts, is used as a stabilizer in the production of beer and is removed after the process, and other conditions established by the food & drug administration. If you want to know the conditions, do not forget to visit the website.