AQTIV™ Rice Protein


AQTIV™ Rice Protein is an organic rice protein derived from brown rice and contains a high protein content of 80%. It provides all necessary essential amino acids (EAAs), it contains enough of the nine (EAAs) to be a great plant-based muscle-builder & help with weight loss. It can help to reduce cholesterol and triacylglycerol levels. It has high bioavailability & digests easily. It also has a neutral taste & odor. Acme Hardesty’s organic rice Protein is Organic certified from US, Canada and Europe, it is Non-GMO, Kosher & Halal, it is Allergen free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Vegan & Sustainable and Eco friendly certified. It can be used in various applications such as Food & Beverage and Dietary supplements.

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