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Lemon eucalyptus oil, anise oil, tert-butyl alcohol and more natural and synthetic aroma chemicals

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FAQs about Aroma Chemicals for Food

What are aroma chemicals?

Aroma chemicals are an essential ingredient for food and beverage manufacturers looking to add flavori to their products. Natural products are also used for this purpose, however, their limitations in replicating the ssmell of natural foods have given a way to food-grade chemicals for their ability to replicate the exact taste.

What are the common types of aroma chemicals?

There are many types of aroma chemicals and they are used in different ways. Some examples include:
1. Benzaldehyde: This chemical is used for gets the almond flavor.
2. Anethole: This sweet aroma chemical is commonly used in alcoholic drinks.
3. Ethyl Vanillin: Stronger than artificial vanillin and used for chocolate productions imitating Vanilla flavor.

what is eucalyptus oil good for?

Eucalyptus oil is used in the food industry as a powerful inhibitor of yeasts that spoil food (antioxidant effect), due to its ability to absorb oxygen radicals.

what is ammonium chloride?

This additive is a leavening agent that releases gas allowing the increase in dough. It is commonly used in the treatment of flour for baking. Among the most used products we find:
candy production

What aroma chemicals can I find at mysibi?

Here you can find the best products from the best sellers. Find Eucalyptol, Cetyl alcohol and other chemical products. Also, we have natural aroma chemicals such as Coriander Oil, Caffeine and more.