Avocado Oil Extra Virgin


Unique extra virgin avocado oil of very intense green color that can changes the tone by the natural chlorophyll of the fruit, perfectly structured, long, persistent and of great body, emphasizing its good consistency, viscosity and compactness. It has fruity reminiscences of real Mexican avocado with lemon
citrus fragrance, giving a differentiated threshold with herbaceous sensations of thyme and mint. Elaborated by cold extraction and mechanical processes with hand selected fruit of first quality, ripened naturally in the tree in Mexican orchards of minimum height of 1800 MASL


Taste: Taste characteristic of fresh hass avocado
Odor: Characteristic of avocado
Color: Green intense (depends natural chlorophyll)
texture: Oily to the palate

Quarantine protocol of Fungicides and pesticides fruit Hydrocarbons and Phthalates low levels

Chemical Characteristics
Acidity expressed as oleic acid (%) 0.5 max.
Peroxide Index (mg O2/kg) 10 max.
Iodine value I2/g 65 – 95
Saponification Index mg KOH/g 160 - 200
Saturated Fat (%) 10 – 25
Monounsaturated Fat (%) 60 – 80
Polyunsaturrated Fat (%) 5 – 20

PRESENTATION IBC TANK: Polyphenols Count mg 100 min.

Fatty Acids Composition

Fatty Acids
C16:0 Palmitic Acid (%) 12.0 - 25.00
C16:1 Palmitoleic Acid (%) 5.0 - 15.0
C18:0 Stereotype Acid (%) 0.5 – 3.0
C18:1n9c Oleic Acid (%) 57 - 85
C18:1cis11 Vaccine Acid (%) 01 to 08
C18:2n6c Linoleic Acid (%) 06 to 16

CAS # 8024-32-6
Allergen Statement Not an Allergen
HS Tariff Class Code 1515.90. 8090
Used In Alcoholic Beverages, Bakery, Bread, Fragrances, Nutritional Beverages, Sauces, Snacks and Cereals, Spices, Flavors
State of product Liquid
Lead Time To Ship 14days
Country of Origin Mexico

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