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Soy lecithin food emulsifier granules, liquids, powders and more

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FAQs about Soy Lecithin for Food

What soy lecithin is made of?

This product derived from the extraction of soybean oil, is composed of a natural mixture of phospholipids, glycolipids, sugars, triglycerides, fatty acids and other compounds in lesser proportion. Because of this it is rich in vitamin B8, phosphorus and other compounds.

What soy lecithin used for?

The most common commercial form of this ingredient is the standard liquid. However, due to its use there are other presentations:
1. Filtered lecithin: It is obtained by filtering the oil before degumming and is used in cosmetics and gelatin capsules.
2. Low viscosity lecithin: It is lecithin corrected with up to 50% of Acetone insolubles with refined soybean oil. Thanks to this viscosity, lecithin is sprayed directly into products such as milk or cocoa powder.
3. Lecithin powder: It is obtained through the extraction of triglycerides using Acetone. This form offers advantages such as bulk handling and better water solubility.
4. Hydrolyzed Lecithin: Used to produce more stable oil/water emulsions. It is produced by the hydrolysis of phospholipids by enzymes.
5. Hydroxylated lecithin: Recommended for emulsions with low fat content. It is obtained through the reaction of phospholipids by means of lactic acid.

What does soy lecithin do in food?

This depends on the food where it will be used:
1. Chocolates: It is applied at the end of the conching process so that it does not interfere with the elimination of moisture, reducing the viscosity of the dough and thus avoiding the addition of more cocoa butter.
2. Cookies: Lecithin improves the handling of the dough and helps to homogenize the fat with the flour. It acts mainly as a release agent to maintain the dough as a water/oil emulsion.
3. Bakery products: In this case, this ingredient is added together with other emulsifiers (monodiglycerides and polysorbates) so that together with the dough, they form a starch-gluten-phospholipid combination that results in better handling, extensibility, smoothness and increases shelf life. Useful.
4. Margarines: With the help of monodiglycerides, lecithin prevents splattering in culinary margarines.
5. Powder solubilization: This ingredient works by reducing the surface tension of water, preventing the rapid gelation of lactose to turn it into powder.
6. Release Agents: It is used in most industrial or domestic release agents when combined with oil.

What does soy lecithin do to your body?

This ingredient is also considered as a nutritional supplement that improves the circulatory and cardiovascular system. Among the benefits that it can bring to the human body, it is worth highlighting:
1. Increases the body's immunity
2. Strengthens brain cells
3. Improves cholesterol levels
4. Helps preserve the integrity of cells
5. Replenishes the lack of estrogen.

Where to buy soy lecithin near me?

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