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FAQs about Polysorbates for Food

What's polysorbate 80?

This pale yellow or amber (at room temperature) oily appearance liquid is also known as Polyoxyethylene Sorbitol Monooleate. This emulsifier is soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl acetate and toluene, it is widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics in conjunction with other hydrophobic emulsifiers.

What's polysorbate 60?

Also known as Polyoxyethylene Sorbitol Monostearate, it is a light yellow paste that acts as an oil/water emulsifier. This food additive is very popular in cakes, protein drinks and ice cream formulations. In addition, it is used as a foaming agent in alcoholic beverages and as a dispersant in the manufacture of sweets.

What is polysorbate used for?

These additives, also known as Tweens (registered trademark of Rohn & Haas) are used to entrain air, improve the texture, volume, quality and physical appearance of different food products. This depends on whether Polysorbate 60 (Used in flours and different varieties of bread) or Polysorbate 80 (Commonly used in ice creams, desserts, creams and shakes) is used.

Where are polysorbates found?

This type of ingredient is quite versatile in the food industry and can be found in:
1. Desserts and ice cream.
2. Baking.
3. Sauces and condiments.
4. Meals ready to be consumed.
5. Dairy products.
6. Snacks.
7. Hot drinks.
8. Chocolate confectionery.
9. Soups.

What is another name for polysorbate?

This additive is normally known by the brand that manufactures it. In this case, the most common brand is Tween, and that is why it is mostly known in this way. However, it can also be found as Canarcel, Kolliphor, Alkest, and Scattics.