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FAQs about Fat Replacers for Food

What are fat replacers?

Fat substitutes are ingredients that act and resemble the natural fat in foods but with fewer calories. An ideal product of this type would taste like normal fat and would not be harmful to human health. Here at mySibi you can find fat replacers Carbohydrate-based, Protein-based and Cellulose-based.

Which are fat replacers applications?

The applications of this product in the food industry are several: In the bakery they are used to make healthy cakes without affecting their quality and sensory properties. In the meat industry, these ingredients add minimal calories and alte flavor, mouthfeel, and other properties. For dairy products, gums are used in lower concentrations for shakes and in higher concentrations for whipped cream.

Are fat replacers safe?

The FDA standards for approving new food are stricts and ensure the safety of these substitutes. Additionally, most of these replacers are produced using existing food ingredients that have been stablished as safe for human consumption.

What role should fat replacers have in the diet?

These types of products can help foods made with them to have a similar texture to foods that have natural fat but provide fewer calories, which can be beneficial for people who want to reduce calorie intake as part of their diet.

What fat replacers can I find at mySibi?

Here at mySibi you can find Olestra, Cellulose Cells, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Whey Protein and more from different vendors aroud the world.