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FAQs about Carrageenan for Food

What is carrageenan?

This product is created from a mixture of natural polysaccharides extracted from different algae (normally from red algae), it is normally used as an emulsifying, stabilizing or thickening additive, which does not add calories, color or flavor to the product. It is highly popular in the development of vegan, vegetarian and celiac-friendly products.

What are carrageenans used for?

The growing participation of this ingredient in the food industry has allowed its use in:
1. Dairy products: Commonly used in whipped creams, flavored milks, UHT, cheeses, desserts, flans, among others. With this additive, the organoleptic quality is improved to give stability to the products.
2. Meat products: It is used as a replacement for fats in meats, to give elasticity and improve their performance.
3. Jams: It gives stability and gelling power with a great shine texture to these.

Is carrageenan safe to eat?

At the moment there are no known negative health effects when using E-407 in food products. However, the high use of this can cause gas accumulation in the body since it is a non-digestible polysaccharide that is fermented by the intestinal flora.

Are carrageenan and agar agar the same?

Agar and carrageenan are used in the food industry as thickeners and also come from red algae. However, they come from different families of algae generating differences between them. The most noticeable difference is that while agar does not require external agents to gel, carrageenan does. Furthermore, its gelling power is weaker than that of agar. At mySibi you can also find agar suppliers from all over the world.

Where to buy carrageenan powder?

Here at mySibi you find powdered food grade carrageenan that can be used as a thickener that fits your culinary needs. You can use it as a gelatin replacement and suitable for molecular cuisine. We have suppliers from all over the world, so it is impossible for you not to find the desired ingredient in our online store.