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FAQs about Guar Gum for Food

What is Guar Gum?

his product, made up of galactose and mannose, comes from the grinding of the seed of the guar plant, commonly cultivated in India and Pakistan. It has stabilizing and thickening capacities, in addition to a high fiber content. In its commercial form it does not contain odor or taste and comes in powder form that, when added to water, forms a thick solution.

Where guar gum is used?

This ingredient also called Guaran (E-412) is used as:
1. Food additive: It is used as a stabilizer and as a source of fiber.
2. Beverages: It serves as a thickener and as a viscosity controller. It is also ideal for use in processing plants due to its solubility in cold water.
3. Dairy: Thanks to its stabilizing and water retention properties, it is ideal for ice cream, improving its body, texture, and resistance to thermal shock. In yogurt, it helps reduce water loss and provides texture. Finally, for cheeses, it helps to reduce their water loss.
4. Meat: Precisely in sausages, it is a great ally as a binder and lubricant for these. In addition to helping in storage by retaining fat and water.
5. Dressings and sauces: It works as an emulsifier to maintain the bond between oil and water. Ideal in tomato sauces.
6. Bakery: In addition to slowing down the hardening of these products, it helps maintain stability and therefore solves problems of unmolding and falling apart when cut.

Where do i find guar gum in the grocery store?

This product is accepted by the FDA as safe for human consumption and is likely to be found in any supermarket. However, for the creation of new products we suggest our marketplace where you will find quality and variety of products from different suppliers around the world. So you can choose the best guar gum that suits your needs.

Can guar gum replace gelatin?

Yes, in fact it is an excellent substitute for products that require to be suitable for the vegan lifestyle, since gelatin is an animal derivative. Instead, guar gum is a product made from plants. Remember that for this purpose one sixth of guar replaces the amount of animal gelatin.

Are guar gum and xanthan gum the same?

No, although they have the same purpose they are not the same. If you want to use gum for your cold foods, the best option would be guar gum. On the other hand, for baked goods the best option would be xanthan gum. Another difference is that xanthan gum is not suitable for people with corn intolerances.