Olean fat substitute to reduce food´s fat and calories with the same texture

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FAQs about Olestra for Food

what are olestra products?

This is a substance that acts as a substitute for fat, since it shares its physical properties, however, unlike conventional fat, this product is not absorbed by the intestinal tract and therefore does not provide calories. It is ideal for frying, since its composition does not change at high temperatures.

what are the side effects of olestra?

One of the drawbacks of this substitute is that consumption reduces the absorption of vitamins A, D, K and E. However, there are several studies that show that this problem is solved by adding vitamins to products containing Olestra. In this way, absorption is not interfered with.

where can i buy olestra oil?

This product, also known as Olean, was first created by the Procter and Gamble company. However, it is not the only one that produces this product. In mySibi you will find Olestra suppliers from all over the world, certified by the FDA for the creation of your products.

What is olestra used for?

You can use this product in any food that requires frying. The common use of these ingredients in the food industry is in fried foods that seek to be promoted as healthy or low in fat.

What are the side effects of olestra?

It used to be thought that Olestra could cause diarrhea and other problems in the body. However, in 2003 this was disproved after several studies and the only indication when using this product is the addition of fat-soluble vitamins in products manufactured in this way.