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FAQs about Whey Protein for Food

Where does whey protein come from?

Whey is produced from the manufacture of cheese. This liquid part is used as the most complete source of protein as it has all the essential amino acids. It can bring benefits to the diet and on the immune system.

Are whey protein shakes healthy?

If consumed in moderate proportions, this protein can bring benefits such as:
1. Contribute to weight loss and preserve lean muscle.
2. Reduction of cholesterol in the body.
3. Possible reduced immune response in children with asthma.
4. Reduction in blood pressure and reduction in cardiovascular diseases.

What are the main types of whey protein?

There are three different types of this product:
1. Whey protein concentrate: It is characterized by having low levels of fat and carbohydrates. They can have low (30%) and high (up to 90%) concentrations.
2. Whey protein isolate: They are more processed with the aim of removing all the fat and lactose, which makes it ideal for people who are dairy intolerant.
3. Hydrolyzed whey protein: This form does not require high digestion like the other two, since it has undergone partial hydrolysis to facilitate protein absorption.

Is protein powder vegan friendly?

Generally this ingredient is not suitable for vegans, since it is a product derived from dairy products. However, if you are looking for vegan protein, remember to check the labels of the products we handle, where you can find protein based on soy, brown rice, pea, among others.

What does a whey protein do?

This product contains a large amount of essential amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Remember that essential amino acids must be included in the diet as they cannot be created by the human body. So the use of whey protein can help increase the intake of these amino acids. In mySibi you can also find essential amino acids, whey protein and more ingredients and additives for your preparations.