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FAQs about MCT Oil for Food

What is medium chain triglycerides oil?

MCTs are fats made up of saturated fatty acids derived from vegetable fats. In its liquid form, its fluidity, flavor and neutral smell stand out. They behave very similarly to the carbohydrates in the liver, allowing them to avoid fat deposits in order to use them to generate energy.

What are the Medium chain triglycerides oil benefits?

Among its benefits we can highlight:
1. Ensure an immediate energy intake and higher than that of carbohydrates (which prevents fat deposits). This makes it ideal for athletes.
2. Help in hyperproteic diets with very low lipid content.
3. Helps rapid metabolism avoiding accumulation in the form of adipose tissue. This is very useful in low-fat diets.

Can MCT oil be used for cooking?

In order to obtain the benefits of this type of oil, it is recommended to use it in dishes that are already cooked and never as oil to sauté. In this case it is of great help to prepare sauces, vinaigrettes, smoothies, soups, guacamoles, among others.

Are medium chain triglycerides vegan?

This ingredient is generally made from animal fat sources such as pork, beef, palms, coconuts and others. For this reason, it is not always a vegan food. If you are looking for fatty acids from vegan components, we recommend that you identify the components of the products before making your purchase. We have vendors from all over the world and it is possible that one will suit your needs.

What are medium chain triglycerides used for?

It is generally used by people who cannot tolerate normal fats. If you are looking to create a product suitable for people who cannot process fats and your recipe requires them, MCTs are the best option to create a product suitable for this group of people. Also, you will be creating a product that can enhance body fat loss by using this additive.