Autolyzed Yeast

yeast-based flavoring agents

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FAQs about Autolyzed Yeast for Food

What is autolyzed yeast?

AY is the product resulting from the addition of salt in the yeast, where thanks to this combination, the yeast self-destructs by its own enzymes. The result of this is an inactive yeast with a high protein concentration.

Is autolyzed yeast a leavening agent?

No, in this case what you are looking for is yeast. You can find it in our leavening agents section where we have baking soda, calcium carbonate, yeast and more agents.

What is autolyzed yeast used for?

This type of yeast is used in the food industry to enhance the flavor of soups, vegetarian meats, among others. The addition of this product helps stimulate the taste buds with the umami taste.

Does autolyzed yeast have gluten?

Generally this product does not contain gluten and is suitable for people allergic to it. However, remember to read the labels before making your purchase, as autolized yeast, which is made from barley, may contain gluten.

Can I have autolyzed yeast on whole30?

This type of diet that It has become very popular today, where the consumption of certain products that can cause inflammation and that affect the production of hormones is avoided, prohibits the consumption of breads and other products that contain gluten. However, this natural additive is an extract of yeast and fungi and does not come from grains, which is why it is suitable for the production of products that may be suitable for this type of diet.