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FAQs about Soy protein for Food

What are soy proteins?

It is a type of vegetable protein that is obtained from soy beans. It is considered the best source of non-animal protein with the benefit of being low in fat. For this reason it is highly accepted by vegetarian and vegan consumers.

What is soy protein isolate used for in food?

This protein is an economical way to reduce fat by increasing the protein levels of meat products such as ground meat, chopped meat, chicken products, seafood, among others. In addition, there are applications in dairy products such as cheeses, protein sports drinks, ice cream, among others.

Which is better soy protein or whey?

In addition to being a product suitable for vegans or people who are allergic to lactose, soy protein promotes greater absorption of amino acids after being ingested, compared to whey protein, since it contains all the essential amino acids.

How much soy protein per day is safe?

Like everything, consuming large amounts of a product is never beneficial, in fact it can cause more harm than good and therefore soy protein is no exception. Normally, up to 50 grams of consumption of this additive is recommended. However, at mySibi we recommend that you read the labels of your products to know how much is the maximum recommended consumption per day of each one.

Can you build muscle with soy protein?

Soy protein has a large number of benefits, however, it is considered the lowest quality protein if what you are looking for is to increase muscle mass. If you want muscle growth, the best option would be to use animal-based proteins.