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FAQs about Food Coloring for Food

What is food-grade color?

Food coloring is an additive used in industry and in domestic cookinf to enhance the color of foods or beverages. Their a found in different forms such as powders, gels, pastes and liquids.

Does food coloring expire?

Most of the ingredients that make up food-grade dyes are not raw. Therefore, they do not expire. However, to get the most out of the products, we recommend to use them with the expiration date in mind.

What is food coloring made of?

In the market it is possible to find natural and artificial dyes. The natural ones are generally made by means of plants, the most common being chlorophyll and turmeric. As for the artificial ones, petroleum derivates are generally used. These are regulated by the FDA to ensure that they do not contain traces of oil that can affect human health and are edibles.

What is the purpose of food coloring?

Industry use food coloring for:
1. Make food more attracttive and appetizing.
2. Improve color loss due to different factors.
3. Correct natural color variations
4. Give color to food that lacks this.
5. Help consumers identify products.

Natural or artificial?

Here you can choose between natural or artificial food coloring. It depends on the use. You should be aware that natural food-grade dyes cost more than artificial ones because synthetics can be mass-produced with less resources. Also, if you can not find the color you are looking for with natural dyes, you can try the wide variety that artificial colors offer.