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FAQs about Food enzymes for Food

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that you can find in any living organism. They are important as they increase the time of a chemical reaction. An example of this is the human digestion, where enzymes are in charge of helping with the digestion.

What are enzymes used for?

In the industry, enzymes are often introduced to fulfill a technical function in food production. They are employed to break down fruit structure in order to extract more juice. Also, they are used in alcohol production by converting startch into sugar. Another uses are:
1. Increase the bread volume.
2. Speed up dough fermentation.
3. Produce low lactose milk.

What are the benefits of enzymes?

They are very good help in the food industry as they can replace many chemical processes reducing energy consumption and therefore the environmental impact. Also they are natural and organic, are effective in small doses and are heat-stable and can be used in high.

What enzymes are used in food industry?

Enzymes have a wide variety of applications in the food industry:
1. Bacillus and Aspergillus: Immobilizing enzymes used to manufacture syrups rich in glucose. These syrups are of great importance in the production of soft drinks, bread, sweets. It is also used in distillation processes.
2. Invertase: Participates in the production of "inverted sugar", a product used in bakeries to maintain moisture and also in jams to improve their texture.
3. immobilized β-galactosidase: Used for the production of lactose-free milk.
4. Pectin and cellulose: They help in the clarification and viscosity of juices.
5. Amylases, proteases and lipases: They improve the baking process, helping to improve texture and quality.

Are enzymes in food vegan?

Most enzymes come from plants and fungi, however, some such as renin, pepsin, trypsin, catalase and lipase are extracted from animals. If you're looking to create a vegan-friendly product, make sure you choose enzymes that come from non-animal sources. At mySibi you find a wide variety of enzymes from different vendors around the world.