Juice concentrate

Apple juice, black currant and more juice concentrates

FAQs about Juice concentrate for Food

What are juice concentrates?

Juice concentrates are a type of food product that is made by extracting the juice from fresh fruit and then removing all the water. The concentration process typically involves boiling, vacuum evaporation, or freeze drying.

What are the advantages of using juice concentrate?

Juice concentrate offers many advantages to the consumer. It is made from fresh, whole fruits and vegetables which are juiced, preserved, and then frozen for use in drinks or recipes. The main advantage of juice concentrate is that it can be used in recipes or as a drink without the need to add any other ingredients. This makes it a convenient option for people who want to cut down on their sugar intake but still enjoy a sweet drink.

Are juice concentrates healthy?

There is a thought that concentrated juice can be harmful to health, however, this is false as long as you know what it is. In reality, the term concentrate means that the water has been extracted from the fruit, leaving the rest of its compounds, including its sweetness (Fructose). If you take it in large quantities without mixing it, you would be consuming a large amount of sugar that may not be of much help.

Does juice from concentrate have added sugar?

It is not common for manufacturers of concentrated juices to add sugar to these since large amounts of fruits are required to make them, which would be large amount of fructose. However, some companies do it to enhance the flavor of these. We recommend that you review the information of each product before buying it to make sure that it does not contain sugar, if this is what you want.

Where are juice concentrates used in food industry?

For the most part, these products are used for the production of fruit juices, nectars, alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, candy production, breads. In addition, it is also used in the dairy industry and in the production of ice cream.