Calcium Carbonate

Powder and more calcium for dough conditioner

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FAQs about Calcium Carbonate for Food

What is calcium carbonate?

This substance that is found naturally as part of limestone or the shell of some molluscs, is famous in the industry for its different capacities: raising agents, pH regulators, stabilizers, natural colorant, among others.

Where is Calcium Carbonate used?

Thanks to its capabilities as a stabilizing, anti-caking and thickening agent, it is used in a variety of products such as candies, cereal and energy bars, chewing gum, fruit-based drinks, vegetable creams, sauces, meats, ice cream and more. In addition, in the bakery it is used together with other salts to produce CO2 and increase the volume of bread.

Is calcium carbonate food grade?

There are several types of calcium carbonate with different concentrations. To identify the appropriate food grade calcium carbonate, it must be taken into account that it has a high concentration of elemental calcium. In mySibi you will find different providers of calcium carbonate for consumption that can be used for:
1. Nutrition bars
2. Fortified drinks
3. Soups
4. Sauces
5. Processed food
6. Cereals

Why to put calcium carbonate in bread?

This ingredient has a function of dough conditioner and electrolyte balancer of water. This is important to reduce the softness and stickiness of the dough.

Is calcium carbonate natural?

Yes, this product is generally obtained from natural rocks such as limestone and marble. It can also be obtained from organic materials such as the shell of clams, oysters and also from egg shells.