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FAQs about Monocalcium Phosphate for Food

What is Mono Calcium Phosphate?

MCP is an additive that is produced by the reaction of phosphoric acid and a calcium source. Its ability to react quickly and to release up to 70% of CO2 have generated great interest as a leavening agent in the industry.

Why is monocalcium phosphate used in food?

This fast-acting baking powder, which releases some of the gases in the kneading process, has its biggest share of cookies and biscuits. However, because it works as a flour preservative and as a source of calcium, it is also used in the industry in:
1. Sodas.
2. Nectars.
3. Juices.
4. Sheep or goat milk.
5. Coffee.
6. Smoothies.
7. Desserts.
8. Cheeses.
9. Meat products.

Is monocalcium phosphate vegan?

Since E341i is obtained from minerals found in nature, this product is suitable for vegans and celiacs. However, we recommend that you read the compounds given by the manufacturer.

How to use Mono Calcium Phosphate in baking?

The most common use is as an acid component in baking powder. If used on its own, the final product can be high pH, ​​yellow in color, and not as puffy.

What is calcium phosphate good for?

In addition to its leavening properties, this additive is used as a food supplement for those who have calcium absorption problems. For this reason, it can be used to create fortified products aimed at this group of people.