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FAQs about Yeast for Food

What is Yeast?

This product is essentially a unicellular fungus that feeds on sugars through the enzymes it produces. Thanks to this, the sugars are fermented producing gas and alcohol.

What is yeast used for?

Depending on the application, this ingredient is used for:
1. Bakery: The use of natural yeast in the bakery helps the growth of the dough. In addition, it provides texture and flavor, giving nutritional value and durability to the bread, delaying its hardening. Another contribution is to protect the bread from bacterial spoilage.
2. Alcoholic beverages: Thanks to these microorganisms, the industrial use of these serves for the fermentation of this type of product.

What are the kinds of Yeast?

There are three types of natural yeasts used for food production:
1. Natural yeast: This yeast is what is commonly known as "" mother dough "", which is used to make artisanal bread.
2. Pressed or fresh yeast: This type must be kept in a medium (refrigerated). Its presentation is in the form of paste and it is necessary to dilute it in water to activate it.
3. Dry yeast: Also called active yeast, it is presented in the form of granules and unlike the previous one, it does not need to be preserved and therefore its life span is longer. When used in bakery, it rises much faster.

Does yeast expire?

Yes, it must be taken into account that this is a living organism, and as such it has an expiration date. If stored properly, it can maintain its properties for up to 4 months beyond its expiration date. At mySibi we recommend that you have the expiration date and storage recommendations provided by the manufacturers so that you can make the most of your ingredients.

is Yeast vegan?

Yes, despite being a living organism, it is not considered an animal, so it is suitable for people who do not want to consume products derived from animals.