Natracol Beta Carotene 1% WSP


Beta carotene suspended in oil is emulsified and spray dried on edible base to obtain 1% Beta Carotene powder.

State of product Powder
CAS # 7235-40-7
Allergen Statement Not an Allergen
HS Tariff Class Code 3204
Used In Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Nutritional Beverages, Snacks and Cereals
Qualifying Agents Others
EINECS 230-636-6
Recommended Storage Conditions Product should be kept in closed container at a maximum temperature of 25°C
Broad % Breakdown Beta Carotene 1% Gum Acacia 30% - 35% Maltodextrin 30% - 35% Sucrose 12%-17% Coconut Oil 12%-17% Sodium Ascorbate <5% dl-alpha-Tocopherol <2% Silicon Dioxide <1%
Irradiation Statement PPE recommended to avoid staining
Lead Time To Ship 15days
Country of Origin United States