Organic Desiccated Coconut

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White to Off white appearance. Typical sweet coconut taste and aromas
Without soapiness, rancidity or other off flavours or aromas.
Organically Certified Coconut: – 100%

General Chemical Standards:-                
  Target Test Methodology            
Moisture 3.0 % Max Infra red            
Aw Value 0.40-0.50 AOAC Intfl (2005) 18th Ed            
Fat Content 65% +/- 5% Soxlet Extraction Method            
Free Fatty Acid 0.15% Max              
Residual S02 10 ppm Max Johnson & Ponting            
Aflatoxin B1 2ppb Max Elisa            
Aflatoxin B1, B2, G2 4ppb Max Elisa            
Bacteriological Analysis.                
  Value Test Methodology            
Total Plate Count 5000 Colonies/gm Max BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Yeasts 50 Colonies/gm Max BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Moulds 50 Colonies/gm Max BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Total Coliforms 10 Colonies/gm Max BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Salmonella Negative/125g BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Staphylococcus Negative BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Streptococcus Negative BAM 8th ed Rev A            
E. Coli Negative/10g BAM 8th ed Rev A            
Free From List Yes/No Comment            
Egg & Egg products Y              
Milk & milk products Y              
Wheat & wheat derivatives Y              
Rye, barley, oats & oat bran Y              
Gluten Y              
Soya & Soya products Y              
Nuts N Contains Coconut            
Nut oils & derivatives Y              
Peanuts Y              
Sesame Products Y              
Seeds excluding spices Y              
Artificial colours Y              
Preservatives Y              
Additives Y              
MSG Y              
Garlic Y              
Yeast & yeast extract Y              
Caffeine Y              
Beef & beef products all sources Y              
Beef & beef products UK sources Y              
Free From Genetically modified products Y              
Suitable for Yes/No Comment            
Nut allergy sufferers N Contains Coconut            
Coeliacs Y              
Lactose Intolerants Y              
Vegetarians Y              
Vegans Y              
Multi Walled polythene lined paper sacks or patented Rip ´N´ f Flow all polythene bags. Each bag is marked with our company name. Each bag has a production number.          
Storage conditions.          
Shelf Life 18 Months          
Storage 8 - 25°C, away from direct sunlight, strong odours and moisture.          
Age on delivery Approximately 2 months          
  7 8 10 14 16 20 30 Pan
Granulation 2.8mm 2.38mm 2mm 1.4mm 1.18mm 0.85mm 0.6mm  
Coarse Medium 0-4%     56-80% 5-32%     0-8%
Medium   1-10%   60-85%       0-20%
Macaroon (Fine)       1-10% 13-26% 33-50% 21-32% 2-12%
Extra Fine           0-20% 80-100%  
Nutritional Analysis per 100g                
Calories 700 Kcal              
Total Fat 63.60g              
Saturated Fat 60.15g              
Mono-Unsaturated Fat 3.01g              
Poly-Unsaturated Fat 0.46g              
Trans Fat 0g              
Carbohydrates 27.4g              
Total Sugars 5.77g              
Total Fibre 21.58g              
Protein 4.62g              
Calcium 10.8mg              
Salt 0.34%              
Potassium 614mg              
Sodium 15.5mg              
Moisture 1.88g              
Iron 2.12mg              
Vitamin D₃ <3µg              
Allergen Statement Tree Nuts
HS Tariff Class Code 08011100
Used In Bakery
Recommended Storage Conditions 8 - 25°C, away from direct sunlight, strong odours and moisture.
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