Dicalcium Phosphate

Dibasic Calcium Phosphate for yeast, nutritional and more food applications

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FAQs about Dicalcium Phosphate for Food

What's dicalcium phosphate?

This additive recognized by the FDA as E-341ii, is one of the basic forms of calcium phosphate. It is an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium, which is why it is used as a mineral component in the manufacture of some foods for both humans and animals.

Why is dicalcium phosphate used in food?

This compound, also known as dibasic or monohydrogen calcium phosphate, plays a major role in the fortification of products such as cereals and pasta. In addition, it is of great importance in the manufacture of bread as a dough conditioner and substrate for yeast.

How much dicalcium phosphate is safe?

Although this product is considered a positive additive by the FDA, it is recommended that the daily intake does not exceed 70mg per Kg of body weight. This applies to any phosphate.

Does dicalcium phosphate contain gluten?

This product, which is obtained from rocks and chemical processes, is suitable for vegans and for those allergic to gluten. However, we recommend that you read the ingredients before making your purchase so that you are 100% sure.

Where can I buy dicalcium phosphate?

You can purchase this product by entering our phosphates section. At mySibi you find sellers from anywhere in the world for your FDA-approved products and everything comes to your doorstep.