Disodium Phosphate

Disodium hydrogen phosphate to emulsify dairy and other products

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FAQs about Disodium Phosphate for Food

What's disodium phosphate?

This is an additive derived from phosphoric acid presented as its salt. In its pure form it appears as a white crystalline solid and can be obtained from some fruits and phosphate rocks.

Why is disodium phosphate used for in food?

Also known by the FDA as E339b, it is mainly used as a meat stabilizer, preventing water loss and maintaining its juiciness. In addition, it also has the characteristics of acidity regulator. In addition to all this, it can act as: Anti-caking agent, emulsifier, texturizer, antioxidant and leavening agent.

What is the role of disodium phosphate in fermentation?

This product is used in the dairy industry to regulate the pH in the lactic fermentation process, which is essential to maintain quality and preservation over time. Also. It acts as an emulsifier to keep the fat evenly distributed in these products.

Does disodium phosphate have gluten?

Although it can be obtained from fruits, this ingredient is normally obtained from mineral rocks, which is why this product is gluten-free. However, do not forget to check the ingredients of each manufacturer, as they may have other ingredients that are not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Is disodium phosphate a preservative?

One of its many uses is as an antioxidant, which can help reduce the spoilage of certain foods through natural oxidation. In addition, it interacts with meat proteins to help maintain their natural juices. For these reasons it can also be considered as a condom. However, if you are looking for other condoms, don't forget to visit our preservatives section.