Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Calgon to thicken, add texture and emulsify foods and beverages

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FAQs about Sodium Hexametaphosphate for Food

What is sodium hexametaphosphate?

This ingredient is formed by a mixture of polymeric metaphosphates, where the hexamer is the main component. It is normally presented as a white powder, odorless and tasteless.

What is sodium hexametaphosphate used for in food?

This product, also known as sodium polymetaphosphate, has a wide variety of applications in the food industry, including:
1. Neutral sequestering salt.
2. Defloculating agent.
3. Pasta strengthener.
4. Emulsifier.
5. Flavor enhancer.
6. Thickener and stabilizer.
7. Texturizer.
8. Neutralizing.
This is why it is used to emulsify artificial syrups, canned milk, powders and cheese sauces, dressings, ice cream, beers, among others.

What benefits has Sodium hexametaphosphate?

In the food industry, E452i has benefits in milk in which it acts as a preservative. In addition, it helps to enhance the flavor of food.

Where to buy sodium hexametaphosphate?

If you are looking for quality sodium polymetaphosphates and other phosphates, at mySibi you will find suppliers from all over the world where we deliver the product to your doorstep.

How is also known sodium hexametaphosphate?

This additive is also known by its acronym SHMP; however, it is also commonly known as Hex, Soidum Polymetaphosphate or Graham's Salt.