Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate

Sodium pyrophosphate to emulsify, texturize meat, fish and more

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FAQs about Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate for Food

What is tetrasodium pyrophosphate?

This synthetic ingredient, also known as tetrasodium disphosphate, is presented in the form of an odorless white powder, and like the other phosphates, it is soluble in water. It is a food additive and therefore its identification number is E450iii.

What is tetrasodium pyrophosphate used for in food?

Food grade TSPP is used in the food industry as a buffering agent, pH adjuster in processed foods, and to accelerate protein gelation, improving food texture. It also helps in meat analogues (soy protein) to reduce losses in cooking.

What is tetrasodium pyrophosphate made from?

This product comes from the mixture in which pure food grade phosphoric acid is neutralized with sodium hydroxide in a ratio of 2 to 1. Since each manufacturer has its own process, we recommend that you review the technical data sheets provided by the manufacturer before make your purchase in mySibi.

What is tetrasodium pyrophosphate in marshmallows?

This additive used in the manufacture of marshmallows is also known as "vitamin pills for gelatin" and this is because adding this ingredient is of great help to the process as an anti-caking agent.

Is tetrasodium pyrophosphate gluten free?

Since it is an additive that is achieved by mixing two ingredients that do not contain gluten, it is considered to be vegan and suitable for people allergic to this ingredient. However, always check the product sheets so that you are totally sure of your purchase.