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Natural and artificial preservatives for food

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FAQs about Food grade preservatives for Food

Are preservatives good for you?

If consumed in large quantities and poorly managed, they can cause problems in humans. However, this additive is extremely important and essential to be able to have food for long periods of time, preventing the production of nitrates, which is a natural chemical substance that appears in vegetables and that can affect health.

what is food preservation?

It is a set of procedures and resources used to package food products, with the aim of storing them and consuming them long after. This is done because the microorganisms use the nutrients of the food for their development, altering the substances of these with certain rapidity. Among the most used techniques are:
1. Freezing.
2. Refrigeration.
3. Dehydration.
4. Smoked.
5. Canned.
6. Pickled.
7. Sugar Concentrate.
8. Chemical additives.

How do preservatives work in food?

Food preservatives work by controlling microbial contamination. For this objective, different methods and techniques are used to destroy or reduce the growth of microorganisms. Among these methods are the application of heat, removal of water, lowering of storage temperatures, reduction of pH, reduction of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, and removal of nutrients necessary for bacterial growth.

How long do preservatives last?

Although these additives are used to preserve food products for a long time, they have an expiration date that must be respected. Generally, these supplements can extend the shelf life of food from 6 months to a year (in some cases a little more). As for preservatives as additives, these can be stored for a similar amount of time. Remember to check the expiration date of the products purchased in mySibi so that you do not have problems in the preparation of your new foods.

What preservatives are added to food?

There is a wide variety of preservatives used in the food industry, however, the most common are:
1. Ascorbic acid (E-300): Used in baked goods, fruits, vegetables, cereals and others, to prevent the oxidation of foods and maintain their color.
2. Sodium Nitrite (E-250): Its application is in cheeses, wines, raw meats, juices and others food, preventing the appearance of mold and bacteria.

In addition to these, some emulsifiers, sweeteners and some flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate have functions that help preserve food. Remember that you can also find these products in our marketplace.