Benzoic Acid And Esters

Food grade benzene carboxylic acid and more antimicrobial food preservatives

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FAQs about Benzoic Acid And Esters for Food

What is Benzoic Acid?

This organic acid is a natural preservative found in small amounts in cloves, cranberries, milk, honey, and other foods. It can usually be synthesized in the laboratory or extracted from the fruits of a plant called rowan.

What are Esters of Benzoic Acid?

These esters are synthetic derivatives of benzoic acid, taking these as a starting point. The application of these in the food industry is for the protection of meat derivatives, especially those that are treated by heat.

What is benzoic acid used for?

Due to its properties, this additive is used as a food preservative, this being the most widely used in the world. It is economical, useful against yeasts, bacteria and moulds.

Where is benzoic acid found?

Because it has a pungent and metallic flavor, applications in the food industry are limited to acidic foods, where they help soften the flavor. For this reason, its application is limited to canned fruits and vegetables, juices and sodas. In some products, its implementation is recommended together with sorbic acid.

What is the difference between benzoic acid and Esters of Benzoic Acid?

The main difference is that while the former are only useful in acid media, the latter are active in neutral media.