Calcium Sorbate

Calcium salts and more preservatives used in dairy products

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FAQs about Calcium Sorbate for Food

What is calcium sorbate?

This ingredient, derived from sorbic acid, is a food preservative with great action against fungi and yeasts, but with little or no effect on bacteria. Its effectiveness occurs in an optimal environment with a pH less than 6.5.

Where is calcium sorbate used for in food?

This ingredient, which is identified with the number E203, is used in the food industry in sweets, bakery, pastry, dressings, yogurts, cheeses, butter, margarine, energy drinks, jams, soft drinks, dried fruit, sausages, among others.

Is calcium sorbate vegan?

This compound can be obtained naturally, from the berries of the Sorbus Aucuparia tree, or synthetically through different chemical processes. In any case, since it does not come from any animal, it is considered suitable for vegans.

where to buy calcium sorbate?

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Which is better ascorbic acid or calcium ascorbate?

You really can't say which one is better without being sure of the application: While ascorbic acid is a natural antioxidant that also Used to preserve fruits, vegetables, juices and other foods, it provides them with vitamin C. Calcium sorbate is normally used to preserve mainly dairy products. In addition, the latter does not change the taste of food.