Tocopherol Preservative

D-alpha tochopherol, mixed and more fat soluble antioxidants

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FAQs about Tocopherol Preservative for Food

Tocopherols, what are they?

They are a family of compounds (eight in total) that have vitamin E activity, this vitamin being widely used in the food industry for its antioxidant effects.

Are tocopherols safe?

Yes, in fact they are necessary for the functioning of the body as they are a great source of Vitamin E. The deficit of this vitamin can cause complications for the human body.

How does tocopherol act as an antioxidant?

Vitamin E protects cells from free radicals, sequestering them and converting them into less active metabolisms. In this way, it protects food from the natural degradation produced by oxygen.

Why are tocopherols added to food?

The main use of this additive in foods is to preserve animal fats from processed foods. Another use is to preserve oils poor in Vitamin E, such as margarine. In canned meats, the use of this ingredient, together with vitamin C, improves the long-term stability of the product.

How many tochopherols are?

In the food industry, 3 types of this additive identified with the code E306 are commonly used: Alpha-tocopherol (E307), gamma-tocopherol (E308) and delta-tocopherol (E-309). Being the alpha, the most used for its large amount of Vitamin E. All these ingredients can be found in our B2B mySibi.