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FAQs about Gelantine for Food

What is gelatin?

This is a protein that is obtained naturally (it comes from animal raw material), which is used by the food industry for its different applications, among which its gelling, stabilizing and emulsifying power stands out. It is classified as an ingredient and not as an additive, which is why it does not have an E code.

Where did gelatin come from?

The way to obtain this ingredient is through collagen that can be removed from the skin, ligaments, bones and other parts of animals and fish. Due to ease and economy, most of these come from pig carcasses.

Can gelatin be vegan?

Because it is the fastest way of extraction and at the same time the most economical, this product is normally derived from pork, which is why it is not a vegan product. However, currently, there are some that are derived from vegetable algae (agar), which is an option for this group of people. At mySibi we have a wide variety of vendors that can help you get vegan gelantin.

How gelatine is used in food industry?

One of the great uses of gelatin is as a stabilizer, which is why it is used in creams and toppings. In addition, it is also used to obtain the desired firmness in foods such as cream cheese, creamy desserts and fillings. Another use in the industry is to reduce interfacial tension, and to fix water in Yogurts and other dairy products, which, when preserved over time, lose their attractive appearance.

are gelatin and collagen the same?

Although two ingredients have virtually the same nutrients, they are two products that differ in their applications: While collagen is quite useful as a nutritional supplement, gelatin is a great additive used to thicken foods and change their texture. Collagen should not be replaced by gelatin, since the texture will not be the desired one.