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FAQs about Pectin for Food

What is pectin?

This product of natural origin comes in powder form (although it can be found in liquid form) which is extracted from the cell wall of plants and is widely used in the food industry for its gelatinizing, thickening and stabilizing properties.

What is pectin good for?

In the food industry it is used for its gelling, stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying effect in the preparation of jams, jellies, preserved fruits, bakery products, beverages such as juices and others, giving them rheological properties and the appearance required by the manufacturer. In addition, it is used as a substitute for fats or sugars in some products.

Are pectin and gelatin the same thing?

No, although its properties and uses are similar, gelatin is generally obtained from animals. On the other hand, pectin is present in plants and therefore its extraction is limited to them.

Can i use pectin instead of gelatin?

It is generally not common to replace gelatin with pectin. In industry, gelatin is used for pie fillings and whipped cream stabilizer; on the other hand, it is common to use pectin for jams. However, due to their properties, they can be replaced with each other.

Will pectin set without sugar?

To obtain the desired gelatinous mixture, this ingredient needs to be mixed with sugar to form the pectin gel. Otherwise, the activation of this will not be the desired one.