St Johns Bread

Powdered carob, carob seed and more for baked products, canned meats and more

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FAQs about St Johns Bread for Food

What is st john's bread?

This natural stabilizer, obtained from carob seeds, is a type of vegetable gum with thickening and gelling properties that is commonly used in the industry in ice creams and sandwiches.

Where is St john's bread used in food?

This ingredient is used in the manufacture of soft cheeses, where its function is to provide a more homogeneous texture, especially those that have a large amount of water. In ice cream, this element helps to absorb water and improve their reaction to thermal shock. It is also used to retain water and improve the yield of the product in breads, in addition to providing softness in the final product. Finally, in sausages it is added as a binder and stabilizer, to generate a more homogeneous and smooth product.

Is St John´s bread vegan?

This product, also known as Carob and identified with the code E410, is extracted from Algarrobo seeds, which is why it is suitable for vegans. However, we recommend that you check the labels of each manufacturer's products as they may have additives that are not suitable for this group of people.

Where can I buy St John's bread?

At mySibi you will find this and more products from suppliers around the world and they will be delivered to your doorstep with the best quality and service.

what is carob powder?

With the St Johns Bread it is possible to make a wide variety of products, among these we can highlight the carob powder. This product, also known as carob flour, is an alternative to cocoa powder with a slightly different flavor that can be used as a natural substitute for sweeteners in baked goods.