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FAQs about Barley for Food

what is barley?

This cereal is a sweet grain that is normally produced in Asia and Africa, being one of the outstanding cereals along with rice and corn, thanks to its ease of production. It has a large amount of vitamin B and helps regulate cholesterol, has antioxidant effects, prevents the accumulation of fat and also has minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, among others.

what is barley used for?

This product is known to be the basis for the manufacture of beer, whiskey and other drinks. However, its use extends to the manufacture of milkshakes, replacement of wheat in baked goods, and depending on the region, this ingredient is used to prepare soups and stews.

What is pearl barley food?

This is obtained from the same barley when the husk is removed, leaving a perfectly polished rounded grain. However, this process removes the outer part of the grain, leaving a product with less fiber but with great nutritional value.