Hydrolyzed starch of vegetable origin to increase the volume of processed foods

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FAQs about Maltodextrin for Food

What are maltodextrines?

This is a white powder with a neutral flavor that is soluble in water, resulting from a mixture of starches from corn, rice, and potato. To manufacture these, it is necessary to process the starches with enzymes that break them down further.

What is maltodextrines used for?

Although it has thickening characteristics and is sometimes used for ultra-processed products that require this function, its frequent use is generally in sports drinks, where the objective is to delay fatigue in these. This is because this ingredient has a high glycemic index. In addition, it can also be used to reduce sugar and fat in baked goods, improve texture in pizzas, replace eggs in sauces, reduce sugar in glazes, encapsulate flavors, among others.

Is maltodextrin gluten free?

For some, this ingredient may not be suitable for people allergic to gluten. This is because it is a derivative of wheat. However, starch is taken from this and other products. For this reason, this product is suitable for celiacs. However, at mySibi we recommend that you read the labels of the products you are going to buy so that you are sure that they do not contain any additives that could affect this group of people.

is maltodextrin vegan?

Of course. This culinary additive is derived from the starch of rice, corn, wheat or potatoes, which are vegetable products. So this product is suitable for people following a vegan diet.

When to add maltodextrin in brewing?

In the brewing industry, this additive helps to increase the level of dextrins (compounds present in malt) which are responsible for giving beer body. This generates a better sensation to the mouth as a better retention of the flavor. If you want to know more, we recommend that you visit this article