Modified Food Starches

Crosslinked, esterified and pregelatinized starch to have a consistent and quality product

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FAQs about Modified Food Starches for Food

What's modified food starch?

This type of starches are the product of using different techniques (physical, chemical, enzymatic) that improve the properties of normal starch, giving it characteristics that these in their nature cannot have, such as:
1. Improve heat tolerance.
2. Long service life.
3. Thickening properties in cold water.
4. Viscosity at high temperatures.
5. Stability in subzero temperatures.

What is modified food starch used for?

Depending on the type of modified starch, it can have different uses:
1. Pregelatinized: It is used to form cold gels in products that require viscosity without the need to be exposed to heat. It is used in instant products that thicken by adding a cold liquid without creating lumps. It also allows the storage at low temperatures of meat products, desserts, among others.
2. Hydrolyzed: Used in products that have a high concentration of starch, forming a strong cold gel with high viscosity at high temperatures. It is generally used in ready meals such as soups.
3. Cross-linked: They are starches that have great resistance to mechanical processes and acid environments. For this reason, it is widely used in tomato sauces and frozen products subjected to large temperature changes.
4. Esterified: Improves the stability of gels formed at low temperature, preventing their breakage in frozen products.

Is modified food starch gluten free?

In general yes. According to the standard, modified starches must be gluten-free. However, at mySibi we recommend that you read the labels of each manufacturer before making your purchase so that you can be sure that it does not contain any additives that could affect people who are allergic to this component.

Is modified food starch bad for you?

No, in fact it provides the same properties as normal starch. The confusion as to whether this product is safe is due to the modified term. This is not to be confused with genetically modified starches. Bearing this in mind, there are starches rich in proteins and carbohydrates that are necessary in the diet of every human being.

What foods contain modified food starch?

This starch is used in the industry for the production of carbonated beverages, powders to prepare instant beverages, gums, frozen dairy products, bakery products, jams, yogurt, flour mixes ready to make bread, among other foods.