Potato Starch

Starch extracted from potatoes to thicken and improve the texture of foods

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FAQs about Potato Starch for Food

What is potato starch?

This ingredient, presented as a fine white powder, is used in the industry as a thickener and natural stabilizer for sauces. It does not have any flavor, so it does not change the flavor of the food that is being produced using this product.

Are potato starch and potato flour the same thing?

No, in fact it is a common mistake in the kitchen to confuse these two products. In its functions, potato starch is used as a thickener, while potato flour is used for bakery products without wheat flour, providing the same binding properties that gluten has. Another difference is that potato flour is heavier, has a flavor and its appearance is more similar to flour.

Are potato starch and cornstarch interchangeable?

Although these two products are very similar and can be interchangeable in certain cases, there are aspects that differentiate them:
1. Corn starch does not resist temperatures above 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit), for this reason, in foods that require high temperatures, it is better to use potato starch.
2. High levels of acidity in cornstarch reduce its ability to thicken, which is why in products with high concentrations of acid components, potato starch is better.
3. Potato starch, when combined with dairy products, can have an unwanted sticky consistency. In these cases, cornstarch works best.
4. In short cooking times, potato starch works better, generating a thicker product at lower temperatures than cornstarch.

How potato starch is made?

This ingredient is obtained by extracting carbohydrates from the potato, in which it goes through different processes until obtaining a soft dough that, when mixed with water and left to rest, extracts the starch. It then goes through a drying process to remove any remaining water and moisture. Finally, it goes through a mill where it turns into that fine white powder known as potato starch. At mySibi we have sellers from all over the world of the best products.

What is potato starch used for?

In the food industry it is widely used for:
1. Manufacture of sweeteners such as fructose and glucose.
2. Substitute for wheat flour in bakery.
3. Thickener and stabilizer in ice cream, soups, jellies and sauces.
4. Increase sponginess and brittleness in baked goods.