Rice Starch

Food softening and whitening agent

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FAQs about Rice Starch for Food

What is rice starch?

This starch is an ingredient in the form of a white powder and with a fairly mild flavor. It is hypoallergenic and quite digestible by the body. Depending on the manufacturing process, it may contain proteins that adhere to the endosperm of the rice grain, from where this product is obtained. It is highly resistant to acids and has better stability to the freezing and thawing process than other cereals.

What is rice starch used for?

In the industry, this ingredient has a great participation for:
1. Improve stability in baby food, generate products with better viscosity and duration.
2. Natural alternative for coloring confectionery products.
3. Replaces gelatin in products made with dairy, in addition to providing better shine and flavor.
4. Improves texture in bakery products, especially baked goods.
5. Helps to retain water in low temperatures, helping to maintain the juices of meat products.
6. It is stable at high temperatures, which makes it perfect for improving stability and providing creaminess in soups and sauces.

Is rice starch gluten free?

Like the other starches, this product is obtained from the endosperm of rice, which is a gluten-free cereal and therefore the starch obtained as well. For this reason, this product is suitable for people allergic to this compound.

Is starch rice and flour rice the same?

No, they are different products even though they are obtained from the same product. Their main differences are:
1. Rice starch is a white powder finer than flour.
2. Flour absorbs water when mixed at room temperature.
3. In hot water, starch forms a kind of jelly.

Can I substitute rice starch for cornstarch?

Yes, however you must bear in mind that of all the starches, rice starch is the one with the smallest granules and with the least thickening power, for this reason a greater proportion of this ingredient is required for a consistency similar to that of rice. which is obtained with cornstarch.