Tapioca Flour

Tapioca starch thickener and stabilizer for food products with long cooking times

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FAQs about Tapioca Flour for Food

What is Tapioca starch?

This starch is obtained from the cassava root in the same way as the other starches (Click to see the starches you can find in mySibi). It has a great thickening power that takes effect quickly when applying heat to it. It can be found in the form of a very fine white powder or sometimes in the form of pearls. In terms of nutritional contribution, this ingredient is composed mostly of carbohydrates.

What is Tapioca starch used for?

In the food industry it is used to improve the flavor of soups if used in small quantities, in addition to serving as a binding agent in meat masses. In bakery it is used to create crispier products that can be browned better.

Can I substitute tapioca starch for cornstarch?

Although they are starches that come from plants, the normal uses are very varied taking into account that tapioca starch has a slightly sweet taste, while corn starch is almost nil, for this reason sweetening the dish should be taken into account if a similar result is desired when making the change. It is also important to know that the first has less thickening capacity than the second, and therefore the proportions must be taken care of to obtain the desired consistency.

Is Tapioca starch gluten free?

As it is not the product of any grain but of a tuber, people who are allergic to gluten may not worry about consuming this product. However, we recommend that you check the ingredients of your product according to each manufacturer since sometimes additives are used that may not be gluten-free.

Does Tapioca starch expire?

If kept in a tightly closed place free of moisture and in a cool environment, this product can last for many months. However, it is recommended that you review the expiration dates established by the manufacturers so that you obtain the expected result in your products.