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Natural and artificial sweeteners to sweeten your food products

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FAQs about Sweeteners and Sugars for Food

Are sweeteners good for diabetics?

First, it must be understood that there are three types of sweeteners according to their chemical structure:
1. Sugars: They are carbohydrates of natural origin that are absorbed quickly. They can be found naturally in fruits, honey and others. In this group is sucralose, which is sucrose modified to prevent its absorption and therefore the increase in blood glucose.
2. Polyalcohols or Polyols: Like the previous ones, they can be found in nature or by modifying sugars. Unlike the previous ones, the absorption is partial and slow. In this group, Erytrithol has no effect on blood glucose, making it suitable for diabetics.
3. Amino Acids and Proteins: Also called protein sweeteners. These do not increase the glucose level in humans. These therefore are the ones that can be consumed by diabetics.
However, it should be noted that any of these should be consumed in moderation to prevent obesity.

How do sweeteners have no calories?

It should really be understood that there are two types of sweeteners: Caloric and non-caloric. The latter do not provide calories since our body cannot process them, they cannot metabolize them, so they do not provide calories to our body. However, even if they have this property, their consumption should be moderate. Here is a list of those who are in this group:
1. Aspartame.
2. Saccharin.
3. Acesulfame K.
4. Sucralose.
5. Cyclamate.

Are sweeteners safer than sugar?

It is not possible to say that sweeteners are safer than sugar, since sugar is a type of sweetener, this being the most common and used in the world. However, sugars are among those that provide the most calories to our body. Now, there are also artificial sweeteners, which people believe that being artificial they are not safe. In many cases, this type of sweeteners (Aspartame, Stevia, Saccharin) provide fewer or zero calories, compared to common sugar, making them much safer.

What sweeteners are keto friendly?

If you want your products to be keto friendly, it's good that they are high in fat and low in carbohydrates. For this, we recommend that you add low-calorie sweeteners to your preparations. This can help enhance the flavor while controlling the calorie level. For this we recommend:
1. Stevia drops.
2. Stevia + Dextrose.
3. Xylitol.
4. Erythritol.
5. Sucralose.
6. Aspartame.
7. Saccharin.

Where are artificial sweeteners found?

These additives are found in products that are normally used, but that want to provide zero calories in the diet. For this reason, the most common way to find them is in those products that contain sugar-free or diet on their label. The most common of these products are carbonated drinks without sugar.