Acesulfame Potassium

Ace K, artificial sweetener for any food processing condition

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FAQs about Acesulfame Potassium for Food

what is acesulfame?

This additive is an artificial sweetener also known as Acesulfame K, Acesulfame potassium and Ace-k, with a sweetening power of up to 200 times greater than sugar. Unlike other artificial sweeteners, it retains its sweet flavor at high temperatures, making it ideal for baked goods.

What is acesulfame potassium used for?

In addition to being an ideal artificial sweetener for baked goods, this sweetener is used along with others for the preparation of:
1. Sodas
2. Sweets
3. Chewing gum
4. Sauces
5. Yogurts
6. Frozen products

is acesulfame potassium the same as aspartame?

No, although both are artificial sweeteners, the first can withstand high temperatures while the second changes its flavor, becoming bitter, when used in products that require heat for their preparation. Also, aspartame is not ideal for products that require long-term storage in products with a pH greater than 6. At mySibi we have aspartame in our special section dedicated to this product.

does acesulfame potassium raise blood sugar?

Este aditivo artificial ha estado bajo investigación para resolver esta duda. De acuerdo a la National Library of Medicine, no se tienen evidencias de incrementos de azucar en la sangre o de insulina en humanos a corto plazo. Sin embargo, a largo plazo aún no se conocen sus efectos.

Where to buy acesulfame k?

In mySibi you will find Ace-k manufactured with the highest technology and quality for your preparations. Enter and register so you can get this and other ingredients from all over the world at the door of your home.