Corn Syrup

Glucose syrup to soften the texture of your products, improve flavor and more.

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FAQs about Corn Syrup for Food

What is Corn Syrup?

This sweetener is a derivative of corn starch. From this, a thick liquid is obtained that does not add flavor and allows to give sweetness to the products made with it. Unlike sugar, it does not form crystals and retains moisture to improve elasticity.

What is Corn Syrup used for?

This ingredient is commonly used in the industry to produce cakes, cookies, candies, milk-based ice creams, yogurt, sparkling and non-carbonated flavored fruit flavored beverages, fruit syrups and flavored alcoholic beverages.

Does corn syrup have fructose?

Yes, in the manufacturing process of this additive, a hydrolysis technique is used that allows the creation of a mixture composed of 58% glucose and 42% fructose. This is why the industry prefers this product to enhance the flavor of fruit drinks.

Can I substitute corn syrup for sugar?

Yes, in terms of sweetness, the best substitute for this ingredient is common sugar. The only difference is that corn syrup has a higher fructose content. However, under the right proportions, this difference will be imperceptible.

Can corn syrup be substituted for honey?

If you are looking for a product with the right sweetness that corn syrup can deliver, honey is an excellent substitute. However, you should be aware that if you are looking to create a product suitable for people with low insulin levels, this is not the best option. Unlike corn syrup, which does not require corn syrup to be metabolized, this one does. In this case, it is better to use low glycemic index honey.