Fructose (Levulose)

Crystalline fructose and more fruit sugar to enhance flavor

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FAQs about Fructose (Levulose) for Food

What is fructose?

This product is also known as fruit sugar and it is because it is normally found in nature in fruits, some vegetables and honey. In its commercial presentation it is in the form of a white crystalline powder, odorless and unlike glucose and other sugars, it is the most soluble in water.

Are fructose and glucose the same?

No, although they are obtained from fruits, the differences between these two products are notable. On the one hand, glucose has a very high glycemic index, which makes it less healthy. In addition, obtaining it is much more difficult and expensive than fructose. On the other hand, fructose has a very low glycemic index, it is easy to find and, unlike the previous one, it is mostly used in the industry due to its low cost and its great sweetening power.

Are fructose and sugar the same?

obtain common sugar, a refining process is required in which the participation of glucose and fructose is required. In this order of ideas, we could say that fructose is an ingredient of sugar. In mySibi you will find providers of dextrose and sugar for the creation of your new products.

What is fructose used for?

In the industry, fructose is known for its advantages such as its great sweetening power, high freezing point, enhancing the flavor of fruits, its low glycemic index allowing the production of products with low carbohydrate levels and for its stability over time, which makes it suitable for products designed to remain in storage for a long time. This is why it is used in the industry in foods, desserts, cakes, jellies, canned fruits, energy drinks, cereals and ice cream.

Can i use fructose instead of sugar?

Yes, in fact, thanks to its low glycemic level and greater sweetness than table sugar, this product can be a great option to replace it and in fact it can be used in smaller amounts with the same result. This is why it is recommended for products made for diabetics.