Glucose (Artificial Sweetener)

Anhydrous dextrose, monohydrate and more sugar derived from corn or wheat

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FAQs about Glucose (Artificial Sweetener) for Food

What is glucose?

Also known as Dextrose, it is a syrup-like or powdery monosaccharide with a sweet taste, which is extracted from fruits or honey and is commonly used as an alternative type of commercial sugar.

What is gluocose used for?

In the food industry there are two presentations of this product, and each one is used in different areas:
1. Powdered glucose does not dissolve completely in water, which is why it is used for preparations that do not have this natural element. It is used as a sweetener with less power than common sugar but with lower caloric content. In addition, this product enhances the flavor of processed foods, improves the consistency of soups, creams and more products of this style, extends the life of many foods and also prevents them from dehydrating.
2. On the other hand, liquid glucose is commonly used in confectionery as it is a colorless and crystalline syrup that allows a very smooth consistency in this type of product. Among the best known applications are:
- Ice creams: Enhances the creamy consistency and prevents them from crystallizing.
- Bakery: Absorbs moisture and preserves products.
- Jams: Helps to thicken and prevent crystallization.

Are glucose and sugar the same thing?

No, this confusion occurs because they belong to the same group. However, this product has a sweetness power of only 40% of what sucrose (common sugar) would do, but with the possibility of having fewer calories when consumed. Glucose is known as simple sugar, while to obtain common sugar, glucose and fructose must be mixed. If you want to buy sugar, don't forget to visit our sucrose section.

How glucose is made?

At the industrial level, it is extracted through a method called enzymatic hydrolysis. Cereal starch is required in this process, especially corn. For this reason it is also a product known as corn sugar.

Are dextrose and glucose the same?

Although they are similar products, the difference lies in their presentation. Dextrose is in the form of a fine white powder, while glucose is normally in the form of a colorless syrup. In mySibi you find these forms of glucose and more from suppliers from all over the world.