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FAQs about Saccharine sweet for Food

What is Saccharine?

Saccharin is a synthetic compound used as a substitute for sugar to generate that desired sweetness in foods without producing an increase in calories. Its commercial appearance is that of an unrefined powdery white or crystalline compound.

Is saccharine safe to use?

Yes, this ingredient is approved by the FDA for human consumption and is identified by the code E954. In addition, it is highly recommended to give sweetness to products suitable for diabetics since it is not processed by the body and expelled in its entirety by the human body. Its recommended use is 5 mg per Kg of body weight per day.

What is saccharine used for?

Since it does not provide a caloric level and maintains the sweetness of the food, this ingredient is highly used by the industry for the production of food and food supplements aimed at weight loss. Among its applications are:
1. Neutralize the acidity of tomatoes.
2. Replace sugar in jams and other sweet foods.
3. Add sweetness in bakery products.
4. Provide sweetness in carbonated beverages, nuts, chewing gum, and other sugar-free products.

Are saccharin and aspartame the same?

No, although they are synthetic products that do not add calories to the products to which they are added, they are not considered the same. The main difference is in the ability to give the products that sensation of sweetness. Aspartame more effectively activates sweet taste receptors located on the tongue. If you are looking for aspartame in mySibi we have suppliers from all over the world so you can get this product at your doorstep.

Can saccharin cause weight gain?

This product is not absorbed by the body and also does not add calories to the products that contain it. For this reason it is suitable for weight loss. However, we recommend a minimum consumption per day to get the best benefits from saccharin.