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FAQs about Stevioside for Food

What is stevioside?

This additive, identified with the code E960, is extracted from a tropical plant native to the south, which generates a sweetness up to 400 times greater than sucrose. The result is a white powder that, in addition to sweetening, does not increase the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Is stevioside safe?

After numerous studies, it has been shown that the consumption of this additive does not present any health risk. However, the recommended consumption of this is 4mg/kg of body mass daily. After these values, it is considered harmful to health.

What is stevioside used in?

Since this ingredient is not genetically modified, it has no calories and comes from a plant. It is used in industry to promote foods that are naturally sweetened and low in calories. Its use can be both in food and beverages, the latter being the sector where it has the greatest participation. Among these products are:
1. Ice cream.
2. Frozen yogurt.
3. Plant-based drinks.
4. Iced tea.
5. Vinegars.
6. Dressings.
7. Carbonated drinks.

what is glucosyl stevioside?

This flavoring is obtained by selectively introducing Glucosyl into steviol molecules using biological enzymes, which is why it is also known as enzyme-modified stevia. The result of this is a product with a lower bitter taste and greater solubility suitable for the production of wine, beverages and low-calorie foods, among others.

where can you buy stevioside?

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