Sucralose (Splenda Sweetener)

Powder, liquid and more of this substitute for sugar in baking

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FAQs about Sucralose (Splenda Sweetener) for Food

What is sucralose sweetener?

This ingredient is obtained by modifying the molecules of conventional sugar to obtain a product with a taste very similar to that of sugar but without its calories. In addition, it can produce 600 times more sweetness than the original product from which it comes, which means that less is required to achieve the desired flavor.

Are sucralose and splenda the same thing?

This additive identified with the code E955 is marketed under the name of Splenda, this being the trademark of this product. So if we could say that they are the same.

Are sucralose and xylitol the same?

No, although both are products derived from sugar, they have differences. The main difference is its sweetening power in which that of sucralose is much more powerful. In addition, sucralose is not fully absorbed by the body and does not accumulate in fat.

Which is better sucralose or aspartame?

This depends on the application. It should be noted that aspartame produces less sweetness than the well-known splenda. In addition, it is not suitable for products that require heat for processing, as it changes to be bitter under these conditions. Sucralose on the other hand is more suitable for hot preparations, it provides zero calories but its sweetness level is 600 times higher than that of common sugar.

What is sucralosa used for?

Thanks to the fact that this additive produces greater sweetness than sugar without adding calories, it maintains products for long periods of time even at low pH, in the industry it is used in:
1. Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages and non-carbonated beverages.
2. Canned fruits and vegetables.
3. Baked goods.
4. Dairy products and derivatives such as ice cream.
5. Chewing gum.
6. Sauces and jams.
7. Cereals.